Driving Route

Travel Blogger Rin’s Driving Route

Rin is a travel blogger and YouTuber from Taiwan and lives in Kyoto.
She’s went to Wakayama City, on September 18th to 19th 2020.
This is the route that Rin actually traveled.Her blog is “台湾.京都”.
  • Kansai International Airport

    A Kansai International Airport

    This is the TOYOTA car rental service counter. We recommend making a reservation in advance online so that you can smoothly receive your car on the day of. You can also select Chinese on the reservation site.
    Kansai International Airport Aeroplaza

    (About 35 minutes by car using the Hanwa Expressway *includes a toll section)

  • Kannonyama Fruit Parlor (Main Stop)

    B Kannonyama Fruit Parlor (Main Stop)

    Fruit sundae’s here are so famous that they are even popular on the weekdays!
    Official Website

    (About 40 minutes by car using the Keinawa Expressway *includes a toll section)

  • Wakayama Castle

    C Wakayama Castle

    After tasting a delicious sundae, I came to the Wakayama Castle, one of the symbols of Wakayama City. Since Wakayama Castle is located on Mt. Torafusu, it is also called “Torafusu Castle”. The current castle tower was rebuilt in 1957 and has the same appearance as it did in the Edo period.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Marutaya Burakuricho

    D Marutaya Burakuricho

    Marutaya’s ramen is really delicious!! The soup is rich but not salty a taste that you will definitely be addicted to. The thin noodles tend to suck the soup but does not get soggy, therefore the happiness spreads within your mouth. The braised sliced pork belly(chashu) is not oily but refreshing.

    (About 15 minutes by car)

  • Tamatsushima Shrine

    E Tamatsushima Shrine

    After eating, we came to “Tamatsushima Shrine”. Since the Heian period, this shrine has been worshiping the waka god “Sotoorihime”, and many waka poems have been dedicated as well.

    (On foot)

  • Furobashi Bridge

    ●Furobashi Bridge

    Then we came to “Furobashi” which is a 10 minute walk from Tamatsushima Shrine. “Furobashi” was a road that only the Kishu Tokugawa family and Toshogu officials were allowed to pass during the “Waka Festival” held as an ritual by Tokugawa Ieyasu at Kishu Toshogu. In the Edo period, it was quite rare outside the Kyushu region.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Saikazaki Gatto Blu

    F Saikazaki Gatto Blu

    Today’s final schedule is “Gatto Blu” in Saikazaki, Wakayama City. It is a community exchange facility that was renovated from an old private house. The interior of the facility is a fusion of an old folk home and perhaps Italian (Amalfi) style. The resting area at the entrance is a photo spot dedicated to commemorative photos, and just looking at the colorful background will brighten your heart.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Wakanoura Onsen Manpa

    G Wakanoura Onsen Manpa

    In addition to the bedroom, there are tables and chairs along the windowsill, which is a perfect viewing of the scenery. The scenery in the daytime was very refreshing, and at night the sound of the seawater sounded like a lullaby. Staying at Manpa Resort Village, my mind and body were relaxed and I refreshed.

    (About 5 minutes by car)

  • Kishu Toshogu Shrine

    H Kishu Toshogu Shrine

    After finishing our meal and checking out, we decided to go around a few more places before returning to Kyoto. Last Night’s dinner and breakfast filled me up, and going up and down the stairs was a good exercise.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Kimiidera

    I Kimii-dera Temple

    The principal for the eleven-faced Kanzeon Bodhisattva is well known for, warding off evil, good luck, match making, safe delivery, and pregnancy.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Kinokuni Fruit Village

    ●Kinokuni Fruit Village

    Kuroshio Market” and “Kinokuni Fruit Village” are famous in Wakayama City. Fresh fruits, various sweets and souvenirs.

    (On foot)

  • Porto Europe

    ●Porto Europe

    Buildings made similar to France, Italy and Spain. The day is mainly crowded with many young people and families, and one day I would like to visit it with my son if I have the chance.

    (On foot)

  • Kuroshio Market

    J Kuroshio Market

    “Kuroshio Market” is one of the popular spots for locals and tourists. Their specialty is the tuna dismantling show.

    (50 minutes by car)

  • Kansai International Airport

    A Kansai International Airport