Sutra copying at Kannonji Temple

観音寺 写経体験


2,Motoderamati Higasinocho,Wakayama-shi,Wakayama
〒640-8006 和歌山県和歌山市元寺町東ノ丁2 お寺ダイニング観音寺
A 20-minute walk from the Wakayama castle
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Sutra copying is the transcription of Buddhist texts. This involves carefully tracing over the model text. Carefully copying the characters one by one will help you concentrate your awareness and achieve inner calm.
At Kannonji Temple, visitors from overseas are welcome to try out this transcription activity. It can also be done in different colors, creating an artwork.
The completed text can be placed at the temple as you make a wish, or you can take it home with you.

There is also a restaurant within the buddhist temple grounds. Feel free to stop by for a meal. Japanese cuisine cooking lessons are also available.

Japanese cooking class at Kannonji Temple
Dining at Kannonnji Temple