The Ruins of the Miyama Battery



Miyama, Wakayama City 640-0102
20-minute by car from the Nankaikada-line KADA station to the entrance of Miyama Hiking Course and a 20-minute walk from the entrance to the Miyama Battery

This facility was built during the war to defend Osaka Bay.
Today, it has been incorporated into the Setonaikai National Park and is a popular spot for tourists as a hiking trail where you can feel the history and nature.
Follow the hiking trail, and after passing through the forest road, there is an observation deck overlooking the sea.
When the weather is nice, you can see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Shikoku, and it is also known as a sunset spot.
There is a free parking lot near the entrance, so if you are on a day trip, feel free to take a walk.
Follow the brick path from the entrance along the road, you can reach the area with the battery and the observation deck.

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Due to the factors of the past war, many remnants have been left in the Wakayama Kada area, such as ammunition depots, turrets, tunnels, etc., the most famous of which is “友島”, which is located on the west side of 加太ノ瀬戸灣. It is called the Lost and Uninhabited Island; but if you want to explore these remains, there are many places on the island, but the most complete one is the first fortress in the mountains near 休暇村.

Every morning, if the weather permits, there will be a guide from 紀州加太休暇村. The whole trip is only half an hour. You can participate if you are used to getting up early! Because the ruins are hidden in the mountains, it is officially classified as part of the 瀬戸内海國立公園, and a complete tourist route has been established. As long as you walk along the trail and enjoy the forest bath in the forest, you can walk the entire journey in a short time.

The trail extends forward along both sides of the gentle slope. There are many plants and vitality growing on both sides of the road. Stop and listen carefully. There are also various insects and birds rustling.

Occasionally, the stone steps going down were found. These red brick spaces are the ammunition depots of the past. They were set up to defend Osaka Bay.

Entering here seems to have entered the world of animation. The miles from the ruins of the 深山第一砲台, I still have the opportunity to see fireflies when I visit in the summer. Imagine that picture, I can’t help but think of the pictures of fireflies in the tomb of fireflies, and the glow of the fire.

Across the forest path, a fresh light suddenly hit my face, came to the observation deck, and looked across the strait overlooking the islands of Toshima and Tojima. When the weather was fine, there was a chance to see Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture and even Shikoku! BTW, from Wakayama Kada Port, there are also steamboats to Shikoku Tokushima.

In the distance, the road and road dyed by the sky together into a translucent blue are probably Awaji Island.

I didn’t see the turret during the journey, but there was a base plus an introduction notice board. Imagine the cruel and bloody days of the war, compared with the tranquility and peace at this moment, it is worth cherishing.

【日本|和歌山】舊街與漁港的慢活小鎮 – 深度加太 (Kada) 步行一日行程!充滿娃娃的淡嶋神社、滿出來的吻仔魚洞飯、道地的傳統味道逢餅

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