Surugaya Ogura (head office factory)

総本家駿河屋 本社工場小倉店(工場見学)


25 Ogura, Wakayama City 649-6261
A 15-minute walk from the JR Kii-Ogura station
Open Hours
Reservations are required for those who need a tour.
No holidays (occasionally closed)
Phone Number
English language pamphlet: ○
Parking lot for 30 cars (Large buses can be parked)
Admission: Free

Sohonke Surugaya is a traditional Japanese confectionary establishment with more than 550 years of history. You can see the skills of the artisans up close. Additionally, in the exhibition section are exhibits of valuable confectionery mockups and tools, as well as a clear explanation of the relationship between Surugaya and Japanese confectionery culture. We also provide guided tours on request (Early booking required.) After the tour, please enjoy shopping at the store in the annex. (For large groups, we allow a maximum of 2 large buses at any one time)

We also have a cafe corner where you can enjoy Japanese confectioneries and tea. For more information.