The Ruins of Weapons Battery (Tomogashima)



Tomogashima, Kada, Wakayama City
About 20 minutes by boat from Kada Port, and walk from Nonaura Pier respectively.
Phone Number
+81-73-435-1234(Wakayama City Tourism Division)
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Tomogashima, a lush green island popular for camping and hiking, is home to the remains of five gun batteries built in the Meiji era. The second gun battery, built along the coast as a fortress, and the third gun battery, the largest of its kind on the island and the only one that can be visited underground, each exude the atmosphere of that time.
You can enjoy exploring the island more deeply by using the Wakayama City Tourism App, an audio application.

*Please bring a flashlight.
*The fourth Weapons battery site is off-limits. (As of December 2020)
*The audio AR application “Wakayama City Sightseeing App” is available only in Japanese. (It will be available in many languages)

fare of a liner: Adult 2,200 Child1,100

The Ruins of the 1st Weapons Battery
The Ruins of the 2nd Weapons Battery
The Ruins of the 3rd Weapons Battery
The Ruins of the 5th Weapons Battery