Marutaya Burakuricho

中華そば丸田屋 ぶらくり丁店


5-35-1 Kitashin, Wakayama City
〒640-8002 和歌山県和歌山市北新5-35-1
Open Hours
11:00-27:00 (Last order 26:30)
Phone Number

Wakayama born and bred. A chukasoba restaurant that continues to put flavor, service and atmosphere at first place.

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of Rin
She is a travel blogger and YouTuber from Taiwan and lives in Kyoto. She's went to Wakayama City, on September 18th to 19th 2020.

Her blog is "台湾.京都".

Maruta-ya is a locally known Ramen location.  

The owner Mr. Maruta always dreamed of opening his own ramen location since he was a kid. Maruta-ya is passionate about the taste, hospitality and the atmosphere. They cherish every customer and are eager to spread the traditional Wakayama Chinese-soba nationwide.

Maruta-ya’s prideful Pork bone based Soy Sauce soup is made carefully by stewing the pork and chicken bone and processing it for more than 2 hours. To finish it off they combine that with their secret soy sauce and voila!  

What I ordered was a “special Chinese soba”. There is more chashu than the usual Chinese Soba to eat, as soon as the ramen is carried to my table, my nose is filled with the smell of the delicious ramen, I wanted to eat it right away!

Each table has a basket of hard-boiled eggs. They are fresh and carefully selected eggs that are boiled just right that the yolk is still a little soft. You can enjoy them directly by adding salt or by adding them to the noodles.  

In addition, in Wakayama, it is customary to have Chinese noodles and sushi together. Therefore, there is a roll of mackerel sushi that tastes great with Chinese noodles also available on the table for the customers to enjoy.  

You don’t have to go through the hassle of ordering them and you can settle the bill with the staff at the checkout!

Maruta-ya’s ramen was extremely delicious!! The soup was rich but not too heavy, the thin noodles didn’t stretch a bit and I was able to eat it with the soup, and the thinly sliced chasu wasn’t too greasy and had a light texture, and every bite was heavenly! 

No wonder the place was filled with office workers at lunch time. 

Not only did I order the Chinese soba, but also the “Chicken Pon” which is a limited menu dish only at the Burakuricho shop. “Kinokuni Mikandori” (Chicken that were fed with Wakayama mandarin orange peel mixtures) boiled and served with Wakayama soup stock ponzu sauce with a large amount of chopped green onions on top. It was a juicy texture and was very refreshing, a perfect side dish for the ramen.

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