Shojincafe foi at Jo-hoku

精進Caféふぉい 城北店

Photo Gallery

  • Entrance of the restaurantの写真
    Entrance of the restaurant
  • Inside of the restaurantの写真
    Inside of the restaurant
  • Shopの写真
  • Inside of the restaurant の写真
    Inside of the restaurant
  • "Ashiyu" is a kind of Japanese public bath in which you can bathe your feet.
  • Cotton candyの写真
    Cotton candy
  • "Ashiyu"
  • Shaved Iceの写真
    Shaved Ice
  • Vegetable noodlesの写真
    Vegetable noodles
  • Soft cream made with soy milkの写真
    Soft cream made with soy milk
  • Outside of the restaurantの写真
    Outside of the restaurant

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