Night Spot

[Monitor Tour] Wakayama City Night Tour

Yosuke Kashiwakura

Nature photographer.
Works mainly in advertising and magazines on the theme of people, landscapes, and animals living in nature.
This time, he actually experienced the night time menu in Wakayama City.

※This tour is a monitored tour. Implementation is yet to be determined.

  • Wakayama castle

    Wakayama Castle (Nishinomaru Garden – Ninomaru Site)

    The walls of the castle were built up with tremendous energy, and the castle tower sits on top of them. If you compare it to nature, it looks like a famous rock peak. The Wakayama Castle in front of me is neat and unshakable in every way. As a nature photographer, I found that the Wakayama Castle was an inspiring subject.

    Night Time Menu
    ・”Wakayama Castle Night Walk” – a walk around the castle
    ・Light-up using bamboo lights
    A guided tour by interpreter guides and audio commentary by “Wakayama City Tourism App”

  • Wakayama Castle

    Wakayama Castle (Castle tower)

    For more than 400 years since it was built, Wakayama Castle has been at the center of people’s lives. In the castle town, samurai and townspeople lived in plots organized around the castle. If you look at a map of the time, you can imagine the beautiful cityscape. You can also see the castle from anywhere when you walk around Wakayama City. Even if the feudal lords disappeared, Wakayama Castle would have remained there as a symbol of the land.

    Night Time Menu
    ・Watching the night view of Wakayama City from the castle tower
    ・Hospitality at the castle keep teahouse

  • Wakayama castle Museum of History

    Wakayama castle Museum of History

    On the site where the Nishinomaru used to be, there now stands the Wakayama Historical Museum. In the VR theater, you can see high quality omputer graphihc reproductions of Wakayama Castle. The museum houses many exhibits that are important to the story of Wakayama.

    Night Time Menu
    ・VR experience in the theater room

  • Wakayama Marina City

    Wakayama Marina City

    When I went to the photo spot, which looked like a picture book world, I was greeted with a flood of light. The theme is fantasy, and there were three-sided projection mapping projected on the walls of the Scandinavian-like building. Marina City also has attractions such as a merry-go-round and water shots, so both children and adults can have a good time.

    Night Time Menu
    ・Festa Luce Stroll

  • Wakayama City Museum

    Wakayama City Museum

    While learning about the rare archaeological sites and cultural assets unearthed in Wakayama, as well as about life in Japan since ancient times, we were able to enjoy playing games such as beanbags and pawns. Stopping by a museum during your travels is more important than you might think, and you can find the origins and meanings of cultures in the topography and scenery of the land.

    Night Time Menu
    ・Special guided tour of the museum at night
    ・Museum “Ennichi” fair

  • Wakaura Fishing Port (sightseeing boat)

    Wakaura Fishing Port (sightseeing boat)

    I was taken on a tour of Wakayama Bay, which stretches from the mouth of the Kinokawa River in Wakayama City, by a local fisherman’s boat. The morning sun rising from the east gently illuminates the scenic Wakayama Bay. A small promontory in the bay, called Bansho Teien, is a guard post of the Kishu domain. Nearby, you can also see the stone wall mining site of the former Wakayama Castle. The coastline, which was written about in the Manyoshu, is a typical Japanese landscape with a forest of pine trees.

    Night Time Menu
    ・Sunrise Cruise Experience

  • Kada


    Night Time Menu
    ・Astro Cruise Tour
    Departing from Kata Port by boat, you will enjoy the night view of Wakayama City from the sea.