Driving Route

Wakayama City Specialty Enjoyment Route

  • Wakayama City Station
  • KISHU CHAYA Gyokurin-en

    B KISHU CHAYA Gyokurin-en

    Since its birth as the world’s first green tea ice cream, Green soft cream has been Gyokurinen’s hot seller for locals. It is a very well-known ice cream even sold at selected convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country. “The Soft” version is only available at the Green Corner shop in Wakayama.

    Kino Wakayama 2F
    39 Higashikuramae Cho, Wakayama City

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Wakayama Castle

    C Wakayama Castle

    Wakayama Castle, a castle related to the Tokugawa family. Weapons and armor used at that time are also on display. From the castle’s tower, you can enjoy a view of Wakayama City.

    3 Ichibancho, Wakayama City
    9:00-17:30 (Last admission at 17:00)

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Ide Shoten

    D Ide Shoten

    There is often a long line on weekends, and a lot of people come here from all over Japan. The flavor of the tonkotsu shoyu soup (pork bone and soy sauce broth) is nicely complimented by the thin noodles.

    4-84 Tanakamachi, Wakayama City
    11:30-23:30(Closed: Thursday)

    (About 15 minutes by car)

  • Furobashi Bridge

    E Furobashi Bridge

    This bridge, at the time of the Waka Festival which was a Toshogu festival that honored Ieyasu Tokugawa, was built on the Onarimichi as a path that the Tokugawa clan’s people could get to Toshogu to look for a lodge. In the Edo period, such arched stone bridges were very rare.

    3 Wakauranaka, Wakayama City

    (On foot)

  • Tamatsushima Shrine

    F Tamatsushima Shrine

    This shrine has three main enshrined deities-Wakahirume-no-mikoto, Jingu-kogo, and Soto-orihime. Tamatsushima-jinja Shrine is also well known for it’s focus of worship on one of the three Waka Poetry gods, Tamatsushima-myojin. The Shrine has appeared in many poems of an ancient anthology. Included among those poets is Yamabe no Akahito, popular in the 700s. Let your mind slip into the ancient times through Akahito’s eyes. Don’s miss the beautiful view from Tengu-yama and Kagami-yama, both accessible from Tamatsushima-jinja’s grounds.

    3-4-26 Wakaura naka, Wakayama City

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Kimii-dera Temple

    G Kimii-dera Temple

    Kimii-dera (Temple) is famous for early-blooming cherry blossoms and it is also the second temple where you can get the amulet in west Japan and pilgrims in pilgrimage dressing with their walking sticks and an earnest eyes.

    1201 Kimiidera, Wakayama City

    (About 15 minutes by car)

  • Kimii-dera Temple

    H Row of Houses on a street in Kuroe

    Let’s take a stroll through the nostalgic streets with the rows of houses that look like “sawtooth” and the Kishu lattice.
    Kainan city Tourism Association
    Kainan city office

    Kuroe District, Kainan City
    073-483-8461 (Kainan City Industry Promotion Division, Tourism Section)

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • Kuroshio Market

    I Kuroshio Market

    Kuroshio Market is located on the west side of “Porto Europe” within Wakayama Marina City. It is a market where anything can be found such as tuna, seafood, sushi and seafood barbecues. You can enjoy seafood barbecues and events and live shows on the huge floor. You can even watch a nearly 100kg tuna be cut up before your very own eyes.

    1527 Kemi, Wakayama City (Wakayama Marina City)
    10:00-17:00 (Depends on the season)

  • Wakayama Marina City

    J Wakayama Marina City

    A theme park with an view of a Mediterranean port town. The buildings which are divided into 3 parts, are designed with motifs of a historic Spanish castle, an Italian fishing village and a traditional French town. Some other attractions such as an amusement park, various restaurants, and many events are held every year.

    1527 Kemi, Wakayama City
    10:00-17:00 (Depends on the season)