Illumination & light up spot at Wakayama City



①Wakayama Castle
3 Ichiban-cho, Wakayama City 640-8146
②Ichihori River
juniban-cho, Wakayama City 640-8158
③Furo-bashi Bridge
Wakauranaka, Wakayama City 641-0025
①Wakayama Castle
A short walk from the Wakayamajo-mae bus stop

②Ichihori River
5-minute walk from Wakayama Castle to the north

③Furo-bashi Bridge
A short walk from the FUROBASHI bus stop

The lamp lighting up in the night sky and the lights shining on the water are the unique and original scenes at night.
Please take a look at various scenes that change depending on the season.

① Wakayama Castle is lighted up at night, creating a solemn atmosphere. The Gates and the bridges at various places in Wakayama Castle Park are also illuminated. Different expressions such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves can be seen depending on the season.

② In Ichihori River, near Wakayama Castle, there are illuminations along the river. As you walk along the river, the lights are reflected on the water, creating a romantic atmosphere.

③ “Furo-bashi Bridge” in Wakanoura is also lighted up at night, creating a fantastic atmosphere.