Toka ebisu



2-1 onomachi , Wakayama City Minatofukiage-jinja Shrine 640-8224
〒640-8224 和歌山県和歌山市小野町2-1 水門吹上神社
10-minute walk from the NANKAI WAKAYAMASHI station
Open Hours
January 9 ,10,11
9:00 to 24:00 *January 11 is until 23:00.
Phone Number

“Toka Ebisu” is an event that visits “Ebisu-sama” (Ebessan), the god of business prosperity, abundance and fishing, and wishes for this year’s fortune.
January 9th is called “Yoi Ebisu”, 10th is called “Hon Ebisu”, and 11th is called “Nokori fuku”, this event is held on 3 days every year.
In the shrine, the atmosphere is very livery. Many people come to buy lucky charms and visit night shops nearby.
At Wakayama’s Tokabi Ebisu, candy called “Noshiame” is sold. It is a unique candy that is rarely found in other areas.
The pink-and-white pattern said to bring a good luck, and Minatofukiage-jinja Shrine is also known as the shrine where noshiame-candy originated.