Kino Wakayama



39 Higashikuramae Cho, Wakayama City
〒640-8203 和歌山県和歌山市東蔵前丁39
Directly connected to Nankai Wakayama-shi Station
Open Hours
Shopping 10am-9pm
Restaurants 11am-10pm
*Business hours and closed days vary depending on the store.

All buildings are closed about 3 days a year.
*Information will be posted on the official Kino Wakayama website in advance

It is a complex facility directly connected to Nankai Wakayama City Station.
The complex is packed with noteworthy spots, such as Rock Star Farms, which has a selection of Wakayama’s direct produce, perfect for picking out souvenirs, and Kino the Food Hall, which houses popular Wakayama Prefecture restaurants, as well as the Wakayama Municipal Library, which has a Tsutaya bookstore and café. On the upper floors, “Candeo Hotels Nankai Wakayama” is the first hotel in the prefecture. You can enjoy a rooftop sky spa overlooking the Kino River. Please come to the new Kino Wakayama Station.

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of 瓶顆(pink)
She is a travel blogger. She is a Taiwanese living in Tokyo.
In mid-October 2021 she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is here:

This is the 2nd shop of the famous ramen shop “Jouroku”, which opened in June 2020, just righ toutside of Wakayamashi Station on the Nankai Electric Railway.

Jouroku ramen is a chicken-based soy sauce soup. The savory and rich tase of the soy sauce was very memorable.

photo of Yosuke_Kashiwakura
Nature photographer. He works mainly in advertising and magazines.
In mid-October 2021 he took a trip to Wakayama City.
The website is here:

The Wakayama Civic Library is directly connected to Wakayamashi Station on the Nankai Electric Railway. It has a collection of about 500,000 books. It is very special for a library and is open all year round. There are seats everywhere, so many people interact with books, including students studying hard and people reading during breaks. It’s like a high-class hotel lobby, with a cozy atmosphere and quiet time flowing by.