Wakaura Fishing Port (sightseeing boat) *Monitor Tour



Wakaura, Wakayama city
〒641-0023 和歌山市新和歌浦
Open Hours
6:30 - 8:00

Night Time Menu
・Sunrise Cruise Experience

※This tour is a monitor tour. Implementation is yet to be determined.

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of Yosuke Kashiwakura
Yosuke Kashiwakura
Nature photographer.
Works mainly in advertising and magazines on the theme of people, landscapes, and animals living in nature.

This time, he actually experienced the night time menu in Wakayama City.

I was taken on a tour of Wakayama Bay, which stretches from the mouth of the Kinokawa River in Wakayama City, by a local fisherman’s boat. The morning sun rising from the east gently illuminates the scenic Wakayama Bay. A small promontory in the bay, called Bansho Teien, is a guard post of the Kishu domain. Nearby, you can also see the stone wall mining site of the former Wakayama Castle. The coastline, which was written about in the Manyoshu, is a typical Japanese landscape with a forest of pine trees.

©Yosuke Kashiwakura