Experience Iaijutsu with the Kishu Tradition Tamiya style



Butokuden, 3 Okayamacho, Wakayama City
〒640-8145 和歌山市岡山丁3 武徳殿
5-minute walk from the Okayamacho bus stop
Open Hours
Sunday and holidays 9:00-17:00
Please make a reservation by 16:00 3 days before

Closed Monday-Saturday, irregular holidays
Phone Number
Credit Card
Staff: ◯
○(Paid Parking)

6,500 yen (tax included)
number of participants: 2 to 10 people


Iaijutsu of the Tamiya School, a school of martial arts that served the feudal lord who ruled Kishu (Wakayama) about 400 years ago.
Iai is not about attacking and winning by oneself, but about defending oneself and winning without pause in response to an unexpected attack by an enemy.
Using an imitation sword that weighs the same as a serious sword, experience the Tamiya style of Iaijutsu, which is still passed down in this region today!

[Details of the Experience]
Duration of the experience: Approx. 2 hours
Included in the fee: Lesson, rental of weapons and clothes, use of dojo, etc.

[Experience Flow]
1. Reception
Please tell us the name of the person who made the reservation for the tour, and cooperate with the temperature check and disinfection.

2. Change of clothes

3. You will be taught how to practice Iai and the First Form “lightning bolt” by the instructor.
You will have a good time while tightening your body and mind.

4. Receive a certificate of completion from the teacher.

5. Change your clothes

6. End of the class.

*When making a reservation, please indicate the time you would like to start.

[About Cancellation and Fees]
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.
In the case of cancellation by the customer, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

The day before: 50% of the reservation fee
Same day: 100% of the reservation fee
Cancellation after the start of the experience or without notice: 100% of the reservation fee
*In the case of reservations made through the respective reservation sites, the cancellation policy stated on each site will apply.

Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for changes depending on the time of year and availability. Please be aware of this in advance.

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