漁火の宿 シーサイド観潮


82 Tano, Wakayama City
〒641-0061 和歌山県和歌山市田野82
A shot walk from the SAIKAZAKI-YUEN bus stop
Phone Number
Credit Card
Room Type
Standard Room 12,960JPY~/ night
Breakfast & Dinner included

Other types of rooms are also available (Prices may vary).

Offering exquisite Kaiseki (a traditional Japanese course dinner), made with local seasonal ingredients you can only find in Wakayama. ※Wi-Fi is available in the lobby of the ryokan

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of hanna
Taiwanese influencer living in Japan. She provides daily information on trends and spots in Japan, daily life and culture.
Traveled to Wakayama City on February 10-12, 2023.

I really enjoyed my stay in Wakayama this time.
Everything was excellent, the foods, facilities including rooms, and the service.

・All rooms face the sea, and you can see the beautiful sea out of the window.

・There is a fishing port next to the hotel, and the sashimi and seafood dishes are very fresh and delicious!
(Vegetarian meals can be arranged with advance notice.)

・There are a large public bath, an open-air bath, and a chartered open-air bath.

(Reservation required for charter, 3,850 yen for 50 minutes.)
*Some room types do not have a bathroom. If you would like to take a shower in your room, you can choose the room type at the time of booking.

・Free refills of rice and miso soup for breakfast!
The chef will bring the whitebait in a bucket and serve it over the rice. And it’s unlimited!

・All the clerks were very kind and friendly.
I could tell that each and every one of them was paying attention to the customer in front of them and serving them.

I really like the official website slogan.
“Somewhat nostalgic, somehow warm”
I don’t know why I feel nostalgic, but somehow I feel warm.

Touched my heart ❤️


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Loic Lagarde
I'm a 37 years old French photographer based in Paris and native of Brittany.
Passion for photography has grown steadily when I was traveling all around the world trying to capture every unforgettable experience I met on my way with a view to collect and share them.

He've been to Wakayama City, from 26th to 28th November in 2018.

There is a nice Ryokan overlooking the harbor where you can enjoy an outdoor onsen with a spectacular view: Kancho

Wakayama City tourist PR business

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photo of Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft
She is Freelance writer.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ WANDERLUCE ”.

Anyway, back to Japan. If you’re a regular reader, or follow me on social media you’ll know I jetted into Osaka Kansai airport heading straight for Wakayama City – somewhere totally off the beaten path but a serious hidden gem.

“ The best things to do in Wakayama, Japan “


photo of Elle Croft
Elle Croft
She is Travel blogger, social media consultant & author in London, UK.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ The Travel Hack ”.

We were welcomed at the Ryokan with ultra-polite Japanese hospitality, and were shown to our room: a large, but traditionally simple affair of tatami mats, futon beds and a low table with matching low chairs. Outside on the balcony, a private onsen overlooked the bay below, where a cluster of white houses that looked like a Greek village clung to the cliffs, with small islands dotted beyond.

“My Secret Wakayama: Japan’s Hidden Gem”


Our first priority after a long day of travel was a hearty dinner. We arrived at the dining room for our traditional meal beside huge windows that offered panoramic views of the twinkling lights beyond. The menu was in Japanese, and the staff spoke only a few words of English, so we got by with miming, guessing, and a huge serving of ‘I have no idea what I’m eating.’

Nevertheless, it was delicious – all eight courses of it! The menu was heavy on fish, which had been caught locally and was so fresh it melted in our mouths. I wish I could tell you everything else we ate, but for the most part, I genuinely have no idea. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you it was incredible.

I can tell you what we had to drink, though: sake! Man, I love that stuff.

Japanese food


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She is travel blogger. She is good at travel blogger.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ She Gets Around ”.

I’m not sure I will ever know everything I ate at the eight course local cuisine dinner that night, but most of it was delicious so we will leave it at that. Rice, fish, meats, soups, sweet treats… each course a new surprise to our eyes and taste buds. Everything was so beautifully presented we had to stop for photos before eating every course (obviously, we are bloggers after all!).

“Why you should visit traditional Japan – My Secret Wakayama”

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