Fisherman's Table & Stay Shinchiya

Fisherman's Table & Stay 新七屋


1546 Saikazaki, Wakayama City
7-minute walk from the Saikazaki bus stop
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Limited to one group per day. 1st floor: Dining room (earth floor), living room, dining room. 2nd floor: One Japanese style room (6 tatami mats).

This is a private residence that is a renovated old house run by a fishermen couple.
You can enjoy the sounds of boat engines, bells of the temples, and birds singing.
Please enjoy your stay.

【Price including tax per night】

For 1 night/2 days to 2 nights/3 days
1 person: 9,000 yen
2 people: 14,000 yen
3 people: 18,000 yen
4 people: 20,000 yen

For 3 nights/4 days to 6 nights/7 days
1 person: 7,000 yen
2 people: 10,000 yen
3 people: 12,000 yen
4 people: 12,000 yen


Depending on the fishing condition we may not be able to serve live fish.
2 seperate prices depending on the situation.
Live fish available…3,000 yen per person
(tax included, drinks not included)
No live fish available…2,000 yen per person
(tax included, drinks not included)
800 yen per person
(Japanese/Western food, tax included)