Kada Beach



Kada, Wakayama City
〒640-0103 和歌山県和歌山市加太
A 15-minute walk from the NANKAI KADA LINE KADA Station

This beach is a calm sea with the shallow waters. so children can also swim safely.

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of Yosuke_Kashiwakura
Nature photographer. He works mainly in advertising and magazines.
In mid-October 2021 he took a trip to Wakayama City.
The website is here: https://www.yosukekashiwakura.com/

From Kata Beach, we took a walk around the fishing port and the town. The sea in Wakayama is always beautiful, with a sense of clarity. When I entered the town just outside the fishing port, I found many retro object stands in the narrow alleys. It seems like everywhere has become a modern, cheap residential area, but I love the streets that still have a solid atmosphere.

photo of Ryan
He is a travel blogger who is living in Taiwan. The blog mainly shares the travel experience of Asian countries. The "homemade travel map" is the biggest feature of the blog to attract readers. The travel map has been downloaded by more than 300,000 people so far. Walking will leave "footprints", because only with your feet can you experience each story and every journey more deeply.
He've been to Wakayama City, from 8th to 10th January in 2020.

His blog is "果子的腳印 Ryan's footprint".

加太北浜公園 and 加太海水浴場 are connected to each other. Because it has playground equipment in the shape of 加太“whale, it is also called Whale Park; it is also a fishing ground here, and there will be many fishermen during the high season Come here in the name; at the same time, not only will many tourists play in the water in summer, there are also many stalls selling barbecues to enjoy! However, because Ryan’s visit to Wakayama was winter, there was no special shooting. Only a few photos were taken on the way back (so the photos is at dusk).

【日本|和歌山】舊街與漁港的慢活小鎮 – 深度加太 (Kada) 步行一日行程!充滿娃娃的淡嶋神社、滿出來的吻仔魚洞飯、道地的傳統味道逢餅

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