Kadakasuga-jinja Shrine



1343 Kada, Wakayama City
〒640-0103 和歌山県和歌山市加太1343
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Kadakasuga Shrine’s pavillion is nationally recognized as an important cultural property, one of representative styles from the Momoyama period. The detail and craftsmanship of its wood work is impressive. By the May of every year, a well known “Prawns Festival” will be held at Kadakasuga Shrine.

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He've been to Wakayama City, from 8th to 10th January in 2020.

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Like 和常行寺, it is unclear when the 加太春日神社 was established, but the earliest records in the “Murai Family Document” have mentioned the term 「春日社」 since 1330. At that time, the main function of the shrine was to pray for the safety of navigation and to have abundant fish catches. It can be said that it is the central belief of the fishing industry in the Pacific.

加太春日神社 was designated as a national treasure in 1986, but after the devastation of war, it is now retained as an important designated cultural property of the country, and the original old name is still in use today. But not only for praying for a good harvest and flight safety, but also the “Three Gods of Spring Day”. If you want to produce, safety at home, traffic safety, qualified prayers, removal of doom and disease, you can come here.

There are 13 ceremonies in a year here. One of the more special is the 1 / 10th of my visit to 初戎祭. If you want to know more about the introduction of the 「十日戒」, you can refer to this article: In addition, there is also the「桜鯛祭り」 in mid-February They will release baby snappers during the festival to symbolize the endless life. Finally, there will be a 10/10 「金刀比羅祭」, mainly to pray for peace and safety of sailing.

I came to Kato Kasuga Shrine at noon. The festival started at 1 pm. The staff at the shrine were very busy, but one of the persons in charge looked at me holding a camera. He kindly brought me to the main shrine. Looking at the past social plates and the large wooden clogs used for the festival, he also introduced a lot of history to me!

In addition, although many shrines throughout Japan have a snapper for sale, here is definitely one of the first few shrines to buy it.

【日本|和歌山】舊街與漁港的慢活小鎮 – 深度加太 (Kada) 步行一日行程!充滿娃娃的淡嶋神社、滿出來的吻仔魚洞飯、道地的傳統味道逢餅

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