2-1-25 Kuroda, Wakayama City
〒640-8341 和歌山県和歌山市黒田2-1-25
Open Hours
11:30–14:30, 17:00–22:30, Closed: Tue
Phone Number

This eatery serves fresh fish, chicken and vegetables, finely selected from ingredients produced in Wakayama. Customers can enjoy Japanese dishes including sashimi and charcoal-grilled wagyu beef.

Travel Blogger's Review

After a few failed attempts, and a rather disastrous Google Translate fuelled bar snack (with sake, of course!), we consulted the English city guide book we’d been given on arrival. We figured that if it was in the guide, it would cater to English tourists, and we were right! We walked into a nearby restaurant called Mihanami, and were greeted with smiles and an English menu, from which we ordered delicious wagyu beef and sashimi.

“My Secret Wakayama: Japan’s Hidden Gem”


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