Isaribi-no-Yado Seaside Kancho

漁火の宿 シーサイド観潮


82 Tano, Wakayama City
〒641-0061 和歌山県和歌山市田野82
A short walk from the SAIKAIZAKI-YUEN bus stop
Open Hours
Day trip bath: 11:00-15:00
Phone Number

Themed around the fishing port, the large bath directly faces Cape Saika. Its views and mood feel nostalgic somehow and capture the hearts of travelers. Stay with us and enjoy four different indoor baths and an open-air bath, fresh seafood cuisine made with local ingredients and guest rooms with distinctly Japanese quality.

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photo of Jenny
She is travel blogger. She is good at travel blogger.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ She Gets Around ”.

I felt so relaxed after my onsen, with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom and it certainly helped me sleep away any jetlag. We enjoyed it so much we managed to squeeze in a second one after breakfast in the morning. Such a great way to start the day!

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photo of Elle Croft
Elle Croft
She is Travel blogger, social media consultant & author in London, UK.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ The Travel Hack ”.

A Japanese onsen experience
After a long flight it was tempting to hit the futon, but the night was still and clear, and the onsen was calling. Not our private bath on the balcony, but the public one overlooking the glistening bay beneath the Ryokan.

An onsen experience is unlike almost anything else on earth. Steeped in ritual, it’s essentially just bathing, but it’s also so much more – take a look at this post for full details of how to navigate a traditional Japanese onsen, but suffice to say, we stripped naked in the cold night air and scrubbed ourselves almost raw.

“My Secret Wakayama: Japan’s Hidden Gem”

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photo of Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft
She is Freelance writer.
In the beginning of November , 2017, she took a trip to Wakayama City.
Her blog is “ WANDERLUCE ”.

So, what does it entail? Similarly to a traditional Swedish sauna, you enter a public bath-style room naked. Yep, completely naked, bar a very beautiful Japanese robe. Prior to stepping into a deliciously hot bath (some are outdoor, some indoor), you rinse yourself sat on a little stool vanity station. After your first dip, you return to the little shower and scrub yourself clean with a flannel, then head back into the hot spring, and repeat!

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