Festa Luce



1527 Kemi, Wakayama City
〒641-0014 和歌山県和歌山市毛見1527
A short walk from the MARINA CITY bus stop
Open Hours
From 3rd November 2023 to 8th January 2024
17:00-21:00, Everyday
※Open 17:00-22:00 on Saturdays in November and December, Sunday, December 24th, and Monday, December 25th
※closed on January 1st

From 9th January 2024 to 12th February 2024
17:00-21:00, Only open for Weekend and public holidays
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Festa Luce is an European-style illumination festival that is unique in the Kansai area. The festival is held in Wakayama Marina City, where you can enjoy a fantastic time with your friends and family at the Amusement Park and Christmas Market surrounded by beautiful and impressive illuminations.

Travel Blogger's Review

photo of James Hong
James Hong
In-depth traveller, columnist and host of a travel program, integrating literary, historical and philosophical art into travel writing. Selected as a pro-writer, student favorite writer, my favorite star travel expert, international travel exhibition ambassador, Japan and South Korea and other countries travel ambassadors.

He've been to Wakayama City, from 20th to 22nd February in 2020.

His blog is "終生遊學".

Many people visited him 1,100 times. East wind blowed against flowers and thousands of trees and stars lighted down on the ground like rain drops at night. Only once in a while can be seen shadow of people under the light of the town.

Illumination event of “Festa Luce”, hommage of the exotic nordic festival, is held in winter season, from November to March 1, every year.

Basically, only small number of visitors visit Wakayama. The venue of “Festa Luce” is located in the European port entertainment park, the artificial island at the seashore. It reminds you of the poem written by Shin Kishitsu on new year holidays of old days, back in the period of So dynasty, at Kaifu of China. “Looking back, there was a man holding a fire lit torch.”


和歌山燈光秀Festa Luce :私藏和歌山5/6

©︎項明生 James Hong

photo of Yosuke Kashiwakura
Yosuke Kashiwakura
Nature photographer.
Works mainly in advertising and magazines on the theme of people, landscapes, and animals living in nature.

This time, he actually experienced the night time menu in Wakayama City.

When I went to the photo spot, which looked like a picture book world, I was greeted with a flood of light. The theme is fantasy, and there were three-sided projection mapping projected on the walls of the Scandinavian-like building. Marina City also has attractions such as a merry-go-round and water shots, so both children and adults can have a good time.

©Yosuke Kashiwakura

※This tour is a monitored tour. Implementation is yet to be determined.

photo of Wakayama City Night time Tour
Wakayama City Night time Tour
*This tour is a monitor tour. Implementation is yet to be determined.

Night Time Menu
・Festa Luce Stroll

※This tour is a monitored tour. Implementation is yet to be determined.