Driving Route

The city’s leisurely driving route

  • Kansai International Airport

    A Kansai International Airport

    At Kansai International Airport, rent a car!
    Kansai International Airport Aeroplaza

    (Get off at Misaki on the Daini-Hanwa Expressway, about 30 minutes toward Kada)

  • Yuzunohama

    ●Along Yunohama Beach

    Drive to Kada while enjoying the view that stretches along the coast of Yunohama, on the right hand side.

    (About 10 minutes by car)

  • The Ruins of the Miyama Battery

    B The Ruins of the Miyama Battery

    Rich in history and nature, it is a popular hiking trail. The observation deck offers spectacular views.

    Miyama, Wakayama City
    +81-73-435-1234 (Wakayama City Tourism Division)

    (About 10 minutes drive)

  • Manko Shoten

    C Manko Shoten

    Savor the seafood of Kada, including a large bowl of young sardines and wasabi soup.

    118 Kada, Wakayama City
    9:00-17:00 (Last order 16:30) Closed: No set holidays.

    (Go through the Kinokawa Bridge and drive toward Wakayama Castle for about 30 minutes.)



    The museum is located right in front of Wakayama Castle. Enjoy modern art with a little twist.

    1-4-14 Fukiage Wakayama-City

    (Move to the second floor of the museum)

  • Bring Book Store

    E Bring Book Store

    There is a view of Wakayama Castle from the terrace. There is also a room surrounded by books where you can spend an elegant time. You can enjoy curry and tarts made of seasonal fruits.

    1-4-14 Fukiage Wakayama-City THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, WAKAYAMA 2F

    (About 20 minutes toward Marina City)

  • Hama no Miya Beach

    F Hama no Miya Beach

    The beach near Marina City. Why not enjoy a beautiful sunset, swooning at the beach.

    Kemi, Wakayama City

    (About 5 minutes by car / about 15 by foot)

  • Kishu Kuroshio Onsen

    G Kishu Kuroshio Onsen

    A large bath with a beautiful view of Wakaura Bay and an open-air bath with a pleasant sea breeze. Let’s end the trip with a natural hot spring.

    1525 Kemi, Wakayama City
    10:00-24:00 (Last entry 23:00)

    (Cross the Moon Bridge and go to the Kainan Interchange on the Hanwa Highway)

  • Kansai International Airport

    H Kansai International Airport